Available Software

The following software is available for your perusal. It contains projects that I have done for school or for fun. There are also several older programs available, mostly written during high school, that can be found on my old software page. Enjoy!

Note: If you are looking for my web programming consulting portfolio or resume, see my About Me page.

Alt-Exp: Alternate Syntax for Scheme

Alt-Exp is an alternate syntax for S-Expression languages, such as LISP, Scheme, and Racket. It allows the removal of many obviously-implied parenthesis, but it also has an obvious, direct correlation to the equivalent s-expression so it already works with existing libraries and even macros.

Runion Leaf Generator

Leaf generation project following Runion's algorithm from the "Computer Generated Natural Phenomenon" class at Brigham Young University.

Height Map Terrain Generator

A class project in "Computer Generated Natural Phenomenon" at Brigham Young University to generate height-map terrain using the square-diamond algorithm.

Wind-blown Tree Generator

For a "Computer Generated Natural Phenomenon" class at Brigham Young University I made this wind-blown tree generator as my final project. It builds on Palubicki's self-organizing trees using the competition for light and space algorithms. I just add some wind in there by copying the light competition algorithm, coming in from the side, and moving away rather than towards areas of high wind.