Height Map Terrain Generator



A class project in "Computer Generated Natural Phenomenon" at Brigham Young University to generate height-map terrain using the square-diamond algorithm.

Some extra features were optional for the class:
  • Implement square-diamond terrain generation and display (85%)
  • Implement Muskgrave's Thermal Weathering algorithm (5%)
  • Rotatable display (2%)
  • Coloration based on altitude (2%)
  • "Cool" GUI features (5-10%)
    • Change algorithm parameters
    • Stepper for Square-Diamond and Thermal Weathering
    • Water level display
Additionally, I added a load/save feature. Also note that the screenshots below have some tearing issues where the water-level rectangle meets the terrain. This doesn't occur on my laptop which has a better graphics card. So your results will vary depending on hardware.


Terrain-Water.png WaterLevel.png Weathering-3.png Weathering-6.png


Source (.tgz)593 KBterrain.tgz
Demo Movie983 KBterrain_generation.mov