Neptic - Paper Grid

Strategy Board Game

Position your pieces to expand your influence across the board and destroy the enemy's flag!

Paper Grid was created to be as intricate as Chess yet playable with pencil and paper, without erasing. Pieces never move once placed, they can only be demolished. Yet the strategy is quite engaging.

Balance building power against quick attacks. Choose between cheap, limited pieces or expensive, flexible ones. Play defensively or go for a full frontal or a sneak attack. Block off the most territory and barricade it, or barge in and burn the opponent's home flag.

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Paper Grid is still under development, but current features include:
  • Play with a friend on one device.
  • iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad supported.
  • A variety of built-in maps with different dimensions, obstacles, and pre-placed pieces.
  • Game rule variations.
  • Four game board themes: Ink (hi-res), Space, Paper, and Wood.
  • Multiplayer via Game Center

Coming soon: AI.

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