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3/22/12 - This is a piece of my old site, made in HS. I've taken down most of the content, and most of the links route back to here. The only parts that remain are:

10/08/07 - For CS 404 I've added a blog to my web site. This was in Sept, but here's a link now:
Check out my Blog

8/03/07 - In conversations with some friends, I realized that I didn't have a link to "A Message to Garcia" anywhere on my website. Since this is such a good message (about initiative and not asking stupid questions) for life and business, I'm posting a couple links here.

  • A Letter to Garcia (Has spanish too) -- EDIT: link is now broken, use Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia article

2/08/07 - Here's a link to a really good article on the Iraq War situation, written by author Orson Scott Card, who is one of my favorites. He seems to consider himself a bit of a stategy expert, but ignoring that aspect, the essay very articulatly expresses my frustration with the way the Democrats care only about politics and what we need to do about the war. We American people cannot sit by and watch. We need to do something. And not just "something". Card said one thing we can do: tell everyone we know. You don't have to agree with me on everything, but please don't just sit there doing nothing.

2/08/07 - Well hello! Its been a long time, I don't get as many opportunities to spend time on my website as I used to. I'd like that to change. I gotta do something cool with this, don't I? :-)

2/08/07 - I've been promising ppl for a long time that I'd post the "MVB Office Mario" game. I haven't ever finished it, but here's what I've got, for all to enjoy!

7/06/06 - Well, I got back from South America. Didn't stay in Venezuela, Pres. Chavez had us all leave at the end of October, so I finished up in Chile. Now I'm back to updating this site.

6/28/04 - Fixed a few broken links, cleaned the site up, improved the java programs section. I'll be out of the country for two years with no time for maintaining this site. I'll be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Venezuela!

2/03/03 - Finished updating the site to use PHP.

7/26/02 - Added a new game written in Java 1.3 MoonBattle. It turned out to be more fun than I thought, so I posted it here.

6/06/02 - Added a Black Jack game written in Java. It requires Java 1.3 or later. (It uses the Swing API.)

1/15/02 - Uploaded new feature, Fractals! My Virtual High School Project!

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