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Java Programs

Comets - Save Earth from a barage of invading comets in the cross between the classic Space Invaders and Asteroids ideas.
(Boss/Cloud level buggy, but game is playable.)

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Paper Grid - 2 Player networked or local strategy game. Can be played on paper, makes a nice computer game too.
Space Battle - Battle in a space dogfight against the computer, a friend, or a bunch of friends over a network. Also shoot up mines, targets, and enemies in the fast-paced Obsticle mode and hone your dogfighting skills.
(Network code is unplayably slow, AI is incomplete.)

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MVB Office Mario - Run around Mission Venezuela Barcelone in this Mario-like action game. Avoid "Snakes", throw BoMs, collect baptism coins.
(No bosses, 7 of 24 levels made, sorta.)

2D Flame Simulator - A friend wanted to make a 2D flame simulation, so this was my quick attempt. It isn't the most realistic, but for tall, skinny flames it looks pretty cool.
Obsticle Orb - Run through trap filled mazes racing against time, with or against several friends, and even through your own custom built mazes.
(Very few items. No network games.)

CoreCraft - Engage in an intense battle to conquer the core of a virtual computer battling real-time against friends with Redcode warriors written on-the-fly.
(No network games, just practice mode.)

Treasure Falls - Catch the treasure that falls from the sky while avoiding the knives and snakes that fall with it.
Moletians - Wack-a-mole with a spaceship on the moon. Hit those moletians from your Mole Oddessy space craft.
JPieGraph - Generate Pie Graphs with lots of options. Then you can print your graph or save it as a JPEG.
MyOthelo - A simple 2 player networked or local Othelo/Reversi game.
(Rules are not 100% correct.)

Black Jack - A simple Black Jack game.
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Math Tester - A multiplication problem quizzer with accuracy and speed statistics.
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Moon Batttle - Battle above the moon with 2 or 3 players.
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These programs require Java. To download the latest version go to:
Windows, Solarus, Linux: Sun Microsystems
Machintosh: Apple Computer (Should be installed by default)

Also, some of the JAR files I made include Apple's "MRJ" and I may have forgotten to include the stubs for non-apple computers. So here's the download link if you need it: MRJToolkitStubs-1.0.jar

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