Neptic - Rub Sketch

Finger-Paint Sketches

Entertainment for all ages with controls tested on 2-5 year olds. Finger-paint with a variety of colors easily chosen from a palette. Kids especially like the "rainbow button" which rotates colors as you draw. Shake to erase and draw something new!

NEW! Now you can save your drawings in an in-app library. Then you can share them or color on them later.

Universal app for convenient entertainment for the kids on the go using your iPhone or iPod touch. It is suggested that you activate Guided Access to prevent edge-swipes from triggering iOS control gestures for little kids.

Tested on iPad mini, iPad Retina (3rd gen), iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and others via simulator. Tested on iOS 7.1 and 8. Performance on the iPad Retina has a noticeable lag but still feels OK. (None of my user testing kids ever complained about it.) Anything faster, or anything with fewer pixels on the screen, works great.

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For your entertainment pleasure:
  • 15 Colors, including primary and pastel options. Advanced options to choose from even more (long-press a color).
  • Rainbow button! Kids love it.
  • Full use of multi-touch, so several kids can play at once with multiple fingers.
  • Paint bucket fill.
  • Color book backgrounds.
  • Save drawings to a library.
  • Share drawings to your photo roll, via email, text messaging, etc.
  • Parent controls to turn on/off sharing and limit the library size.
  • Link thickness adjustment.
  • Inking (line width varies by drawing speed).
  • Kid friendly, minimal user interface.

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