My Publications

Here you can find publications and other documents on work that I have done either for my Masters program at Brigham Young University, in a class, or for fun.

Drop-in Concurrent API Replacement
for Exploration, Test, and Debug

Date: Dec 9, 2010
My Masters thesis. Describes a system to model concurrent API specifications formally in a way closer to English and then compile that to a form that can be used to ask what-if questions and can be run as a drop-in replacement for the API connected to a C program. A re-write by my faculty advisors later made it into a journal, VMCAI 2012.

Wind-blown Tree Generator

Date: Apr 15, 2010
Class report from "Computer Generated Natural Phenomenon" at Brigham Young University. It builds on Palubicki's self-organizing trees with competition for space and light. I add wind by copying the light competition algorithm, coming in from the side, and moving away rather than towards areas of high wind.