About My Blog

Hi. This is my semi-professional blog where I yack about non-family things like computers, politics, minecraft, and whatever my latest project is.


I am a professional and hobbyist software developer, self taught from age 10 (BASIC Level II on a Radio Shack TRS-80). I figured I might as well make a profession out of my hobby, but I still find quite a lot of fun programming whatever I feel like at home.

I've worked at a web-based startup as the number two hire, building a sign-up process in a few weeks and then we had 30 days to build the recurring billing process before our first customer's monthly bill came up. I was with that company as it grew from three founders and two employees up to around 35 people. Besides doing lots of web development and architecting entire systems there, I've done a few small consulting projects, some web development at other jobs, and I periodically redesign my own web site. So I have pretty solid web experience.

I also love to tamper with just about everything. I read books on OS design. I play with inventing my own programming languages. I've written a bunch of games (low quality) in Java and lately I've been writing things in Obj-C for the iPhone and iPad.

Besides programming, I also rather enjoy camping as a result of my time with the Boy Scouts of America. Just walking through an REI store gets me excited. Unfortunately I don't do enough of this.

Other hobbies include reading sci-fi and fantasy novels (current favorite author is Brandon Sanderson), watching Star Trek and Dr. Who, playing Minecraft, disc golf, guitar, watching politics, and my amateur attempts at graphics design for my web site and apps.

Blog Technology

There's a blog article for that. Basically, I got tired of WordPress and decided to make my own system that generates static HTML pages from Markdown articles which I sync with the server via GIT, then all dynamic content is loaded at display time via Javascript. That way I can change aspects of my blog whenever I want but still have the bulk of the content be pre-rendered.